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Photo by Aaditya Arora on Pexels.com

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Follow the trail  you won’t need a map in louisa’a curious world. There’s plenty to read and lots to see. There’s food for thought and travel too all on this magical tour.


Tales and Curios of weird Imaginings


written by louisa Jensen,

Episode three ;   had been scheduled  for 27th   but it has arrived on this page  early  enjoy  and do leave a comment….

Violetta bore three sons but hate also grew in the hearts of villagers who wrestled under the yoke of tyranny.
Men began to scheme and plot the death of Borja. Plans evolved and dissolved no one dared to risk the Kings life , for he sat in the prison of his talon castle.
Heroes are born in moment’s of great pain so it was that the son of a carpenter one Guy Black took his life in his own hands, when he rebelled. They had attacked  to rescue  their  king.  On this fateful day the men of Kranbak village rose up to drive the North invaders from the land.                                                                                                                      Storming Talon castle they battled to free their land. Violetta escaped through a secret entrance at the back of the castle along a cliff wall to take refuge in willow woods. She took her baby son while the other two older sons went with their father who escaped to Norse land. The land was made free and King Herald was redeemed to his rightful throne. Violetta’s two son’s whom she never saw again Erin and Air red eventually died in battle with their father. Violetta had taken refuge in the woods of willow way forest  she  set  a camp  but after a short  time she had  found  a cottage set deep in the woods. The old cottage  was  abandoned  so  she told  any  who  cared to  ask   in any  case suspicion  huge  over  her but time gave rise  to a new  freedom  in the  land.  The  brave Guy  Black  became Lord  Black  and was given a grand  residence  and land  Herald  the king  was  back  in  power  all was  as it should be.  The  men  of the sea  still encroached  upon the land  and  fear  still stalked  the  woods  but  it  was  a time  of  peace  more  or less.   Violetta   had   grieved in the years  that followed for  a  group  of  men  got  word to  her  of her  sons  deaths.  Malik  she  cared little  for  but when told of the  deaths  of her  sons  she  felt  a  great  sorrow.    kindness had won  the hearts of the woodland people and in fact she had become a sort of queen of willow woods.
She was forgiven for falling in love with Borja and her one son Arial  grew to become a man of the woods. Arial hunted but  took only what he needed while his mother Violetta  changed  she  had  become  a  person  of magic  and she  brewed potions and herbs.
Age accentuated the odd idea that her extraordinary survival must mean Violetta was a witch. She took full advantage of this by selling potions for coins.  Arial married a gypsy girl named  Imojine.   Imojine was  a   happy soul   who  was eager  to settle  in the  old cottage  and  leave the gypsy life of travel and theft behind.  The  gypsy  girl   and  the  hunter  availed themselves of the forest and its fruits becoming fringe dwellers in the woods.  Violetta’s old cottage became known and the  gypsy  songs drifted on the breeze. She would sing and dance as gypsies do and she took Violetta’s idea’s to be her own and so began a tale of magic.                                                                                                          Imojine  had  a  daughter  and that  daughter  was named  Elizabet  and she  married  Lord  Black  who died in  an  accident along  with  arial  a wagon had  turned over  killing both men. They  had  decided  to  move  the wagon   down  a steep hill where  they  would camp and continue  the  hunt  but  fate intervened   leaving Elizabet a  Lady  of the realm  and she in turn  married  a King  and   Prunella  was born  but sadly  childbirth  took Elizabet  and  as sad  stories  go  elizabets  husband  the  King  remarried  Prunella’s   very mean and evil  step mother.  So  this  story  evolved and a princess  awoke  from  her slumber  with  a bump  and  so  she heard  the call from  the woods and believed  a  strange magic  seemed to be in the air.  Trudy  was also  afraid  but the coachman had finished fixing  the  wheel along with  the coachman  and his  footman. So  the  two  ladies  were assisted  back  into the coach  and  slowly  their journey  began anew.  The horses however  seemed  to be a little out  of  sorts  so  the coachman  climbed  down  and soothed  the  animals with  an apple  or  two.                                                                                                 What Prunella didn’t  know  was  that  Elizabet  had  a son  when prunella was born  and  he  had been  taken  to the  woods  wrapped  in  nothing  but  a swaddling  cloth and he  had been left  on the door  step  of the aged Violetta  and  while Prunella  was raised as a  princess  the boy  was  a forest dweller.  The  nurse believed  in  curses  and  because  Elizabeta  prunella’s  twin  was born. She took  the child  to  Violetta.
Dresselwad  grew up in the woods but he is a learned man in a world of ignorance.
Red wild locks hung tasselled to his shoulders and his piercing blue eyes which saw all things. Dresselwad  is a wizard he  was  educated by Mohab a man from the eastern land of the sultans.  Mohab   was  a Turk, a refugee who came to be  Violetta’s  friend. Moab had spent his youth working to become a physician in his own land. Broken limbs, blood, birth and death were his medical trade. The great world of Islamic knowledge opened its doors to Dresselwad who watched and listened. He learnt of plants which killed pain. He learnt how to prepare potions. He learnt how to deliver hallucinations and death if these potions were used indiscriminately.
Mohab fled his country to find safety for war had ravaged his own land. This land lay over the great Fendar mountain ranges farther even than Quatara the great desert land south of Bodeim.
Warring tribes had forced many to find sanctuary far from their home lands. Mohab had found his way to willow way woods where kindness prevailed  in the form of Violetta.
Mohab appeared dishevelled at  the  door, he was begging for work that he may find food.
Mohab’s desperation was clear so  offered shelter Mohab accepted. They shared food and as they talked Violetta  and he  discovered there was a lot more they shared.
Knowledge became their bond friendship kindled in a cauldron. Mohab’s great awareness of chemicals provided  violetta with a renewed energy for discovery.  Dresselwad was given to lessons in reading, writing, chemical compounds and with this a new world opened its door.
He learned Arabic and became enthused with the idea of knowledge.
After several years Mohab became lonely he would sit in  silence  pray and ponder his life, he missed the community of his own kind. He wished to return to his own country so he kissed his friends  farewell and departed. The life he went back to was never revealed.. Dresselwad still lives in the woods of willow way forest, still resides quietly in that same cottage where violetta and Mohab shared their time. Mohab had become known as the wizard of the east and this link to Dresselwad created an enigmatic reputation. He delights in the calming green of the woods, with the pristine waters of the great river Elox flowing through its heart.
The forest has a quiet beauty never imagined unless observed silently. All around colours range in exquisite exhibition. A breeze blows in from the north bringing a chill and a warning of the coming seasons change.
Dresselwad collects firewood as the light begins to fade into the evening twilight. Leaves which adorn the heavy oak, the pine and the spruce have begun to change and soon will fall to drift in the air to plummet inaudibly to the ground.
Wizards and witches in this age are said to harbour great knowledge of the spirit realm.
People begin to both fear and revere the sorcerers who mix the herbs of the forest and in whose cauldrons bubble esoteric potages.
Notions of the supernatural infect the populous who infuse the ideas of medicinal witchery with magic beyond reality. Inspired ignorance makes fantasy tangible and rational thought is suspended by imagination. In truth wizards offer remedies to the infirmed, love for the unloved and solace for the grieving, in short they offer answers to life’s unfathomable questions. These enigmas of magic are seen as tricky creatures who conger nature. Suspicion hangs over the earth religion for the religion of the holy cross and its brotherhood grows in power as belief in the old ways have  begun to wane. In this time people suffer from maladies and uncertain ailments, even childbirth is a dangerous affair.
Dresselwad loves all life which surrounds and confounds him.

The ideal of hope spurs his desire to heal and it is to this end he often converses with other learned folk. He has seen his share of illness and he battles against death daily in his practice. Those who don’t understand a wizard’s experimental desire to find cures condemn and conjecture against them even accusing them of evil intent. Incantations are merely entreaties to a spirit world or they are merely affirmations of personal power. The wizard divines between the spirit realm and the earthly reality of life.
This is a time when people seek comfort in resolution, such is the lack of information or comprehension of knowledge. Hope is the only possibility for the ill, the retarded, the poor and it is hope which becomes the catalyst for imaginings. Devils and angles are imbued with the spiritual capacity to cause or cure sickness or hardship.. Time and knowledge will alter this illusion but it does so slowly and while some men in this time have found religion in a book of testaments and believe magic to be a dangerous omen of evil , others still linger in the past of magic as they discern it.
Dresselwad is an extraordinary man for he is a seeker of truth and he finds that truth in the natural world of willow way woods. Into  these woods  his  sister  feels  a presence she cannot explain but life is  about  to  change  for  these  two  connected souls.

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LOVE IS MAGIC TOO                                                                                                                          So what is magic, that ephemeral intangible unknown wish that comes true.Is that what magic is, you dreamed a dream and then it became your realitySome lives a miracles, souls who teach and leave us so changed that nothing is ever the same again.Magic is it real , is it  a story  from long ago which has glowed in the retelling of  it.     A  story of daring do of  brave princes or knights who saved the  beautiful princess or lady  from her lonely tower .Is magic simply love,Love which forces people to excel to challenge to reach that impenetrable tower.    What do you think ?                                                          Love is a curious fact why do we fall in love what is it chemical visual physical can arranged marriages do just as well as romantic love.                                                               Fill the moment with life  it is at its ricest and most productive when you approach it with enthusiasm.


Books have a special kind of magic called imagination

Castle  Times

12832434_1753798231522680_5421146779577840644_nWhen castles were first built ,the roman empire which had held Europe for hundreds  of years, was a distant . Instead, Europe was a jumble of   kingdoms , fighting  each other  for control. They were wars  over land inside  kingdoms too. With so much fighting fortified homes began to appear  in the form of castles.   It  was the safest place  for a lord  to be. Most Kingdoms operated under the feudal system. A  king  gave land  to nobles  in exchange  for loyalty  and help in times of war. These nobles  gave land to knights  who fought for them . Knights  gave land to villeins  ( peasants), who  gave rent ..Basically you owed loyalty  and taxes  to whom  ever  gave you land..

Class Rules

In the early middle ages you belonged to one of three classes ;  The  Ruling Class  of lords;  The peasants  who  worked ;  or  the churchmen  and women who prayed.

As people grew richer  a fourth class appeared  tradesmen ..But at first there was a class for everyone and the feudal system kept everyone in there place..

Social climbing and  channel hopping  were  in the  mix   and  in particular England and  France  who   had a  special relationship via marriages  but they  constantly  claimed rights to land and throne and so war  was continuous..

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Love Potions

Mandrake was used to make love potions. Its fruit would make the one drinking the potion fall in love with the one who offered it (I do not advocate this potions validity or use)
Gems ,rings and other jewels are worn or used to bring good fortune in love. The exchange of wedding rings grew out of the practice of exchanging love charms as a pledge of love or as a guarantee of continuance of love .Lovers sometimes exchange bits of hair ,clothing, rings and even blood.A common charm in various parts of the world is made by melting the image of a loved one; as the image melts coldness supposedly melts into love.



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